Driver Age
21 - 69
Additional fees for young drivers are not included in the rental fee.
Driver License
The driver's license must be at least 2 years. Economic vehicles 21 years old, Standard vehicles 23 years old, Minibus, Jeep and Premium group vehicles are 25 years of age. The renter driver must be arranged with the Latin alphabet in the national driving license. Drivers with a Greek, Russian, Chinese and Arabic driver's license require an international driver's license. An international driving license is required with the original driver's license.
Additional Driver
If the vehicle is used by a different driver other than the person who rents, the name of the vehicle must be added to the contract.
Insurance Coverage
Damage Liability Insurance / Theft Protection
TWH Insurance
In addition to the standard casco specified as TWH, the damage to the tire glass and headlights is guaranteed by the Tire Windshield Headlights fuse Insurance.
SCDW Insurance
In addition to the standard rant car helmet in all of our vehicles, our guests must pay € 200 for mini - economy class vehicles € 300 for mid-class vehicles and € 500 for top class vehicles even if all reports are full. in case of any damage.
TWH Insurance
SCDW Insurance
Baby Seat
Infant Seat
Snow Chain

Delivery / Drop
The vehicle is delivered by authorized personnel. Our office should be contacted for vehicle returns.
Traffic Fines / HGS / OGS
Traffic fines The renter is responsible for all traffic fines and legal interest rates during the contract process.
Hgs is charged as Pay Per Pass.
Ogs is charged as Pay Per Pass.
Fuel Policy
The vehicle is delivered with empty tank and is delivered as empty.
No refunds will be made for fuels left in the tank and not used.
Km Policy
Cross Border Travel
It is strictly forbidden to go out of Turkey.
Taxes / Fees
Airport fees, Local taxes, Road tax and 18% VAT are included.
Credit Card
Credit cards with MasterCard and Visa logo are accepted for deposit and surcharges.
One or more credit cards may be required on behalf of the driver.
Bankamatik, Laser Card, Maestro, Switch Card and Prepaid credit cards are not accepted.
Make sure that you have enough limits to cover your usage limits.
If you do not provide a valid credit card or there is not enough credit on your credit card, a cash deposit is not accepted and no charge will be refunded.
Passport / ID card
Vehicle Types
The vehicle displayed and the models listed are the most common vehicles used by car rental companies. We do not guarantee that the color, make or model of the rented vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website.
Reservation Confirmation / Voucher
Your booking confirmation must be printed in the rental office at the time of arrival. Failure to provide a booking confirmation means that the rental agent may charge local rates. If you cannot show the required documents, the documents are not valid or there is insufficient balance on your credit card, the EssenceCar Rental tool may refuse to deliver and no fees will be refunded.
Booking Cancellation Policy
Cancellation can be made online free of charge until 48 hours before the start of the rental period.
Reservations with less than 48 hours are not cancelled. The vehicle cannot be canceled after receipt. Cancelled booking payments made after 30 working days.
No Show
A cancellation fee of 100% is charged to the EssenceCar Rental without cancellation prior to the start of the rental period.
Extension / Late Return
Leases are calculated over 24 hours. In case of exceeding 3 hours a full day fee will be charged.
Reservation Update / Amendment
Before the renting period starts, a change in the reservation is carried out up to 48 hours.
General Car Rental Conditions
At the beginning of the lease, the costs and costs that may arise due to the lack of fuel and the mail order form arranged on the driver are blocked by arranging the mail order form. This deposit is removed by the bank 23 days after the end of the lease. The reason for this is for traffic fines that may be due to the dates you rented after the vehicle return.
Before picking up your vehicle, check to see if there is any damage to the vehicle before leaving the authorized personnel. When returning your vehicle, check the vehicle and make sure you have checked the delivery form. Otherwise, EssenceCar Rental will not accept any liability for damage to the vehicle.
Rental is calculated over 24 hours. For less than 24 hours, a daily fee is charged. The tenant is responsible for extra charges such as Bridge, Motorway, Arrival fees, Parking fee, Traffic fines. Please be advised to tell your EssenceCar Rental office at the time of booking or at least 3 days prior to the date of pick-up of your car when you are picking up a transfer. EssenceCar Rental cannot be held responsible for any problems due to delays caused by unrecognized flight numbers.
Information and Liabilities
In cases of damage and theft, the following must be observed in order for the insurance to be valid.
- In case of an accident, the accident and alcohol report should not be moved by the Police or Gendarmerie or the accident report has been prepared completely (the opposite vehicle's license, license, insurance policy if the person who lives abroad, the photocopy of the page indicating the date of entry into the country) is taken.
- The vehicle is not used under the influence of alcohol and drugs and there is no gross negligence, intent and defect.
- Delivery of the vehicle key to EssencarRental if the rented vehicle is stolen.
- All these reports should be delivered to EssenceCarRental within 3 days at the latest.
If you have any questions or problems regarding your booking, you can contact us 24 hours 7 days 24 hours.
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